Three No-Contact Rules You Should Know - And How To Change Your Life With Them

Three No-Contact Rules You Should Know - And How To Change Your Life With Them


Relationships, as we know, aren't always smooth sailing. 

When it comes to healing post-breakup, the no-contact rule has emerged as a popular strategy. But with different versions of this rule, how do you choose the right one for you? 

This article unravels the nuances of the indefinite, time-based, and permanent no-contact rules, guiding you toward the best path for your emotional well-being.

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Types Of No-Contact Rule

Okay, let's dive into the different types of no contact rules, each with its complexities and reasons for adoption.

1. The Indefinite No-Contact Rule

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First up - the indefinite no contact rule. 

For this version of the rule, you commit to never contacting your ex again. If your ex reaches out to you, you can assess the nature of the contact and whether you should ignore it or respond. 

Generally you'd respond if your ex is genuine in their outreach and shows remorse for the breakup decision, and you are happy to reconnect, which you might not be.  

This rule might seem like an endless waiting game, but here's the thing: it honors your worth, gives you the best opportunity to heal and forces your ex to think about you and their decision. 

By not chasing after someone who isn't ready to appreciate your value, you're protecting your own heart from unnecessary turmoil and preserving your self-respect. 

And you're creating space for your ex to miss you and possibly reconsider what they have done. 

So yes, you understood that correctly. The indefinite no-contact rule fosters your healing and provides a unique opportunity to rekindle the flame with your ex. 

2. Time Based No-Contact Rule

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Then there's the time-based no contact rule. 

The time-based no-contact rule involves setting a specific time frame, say, a month or 60 days, before you reach out to your ex. 

The downside here is that there's no guarantee your ex will be ready to reconnect at the end of that timeline. 

And when you do reach out, you might face further disappointment and rejection because emotions don't operate on a strict schedule - healing is a process that can't be rushed or constrained by a calendar.

So don't easily succumb to the time-based no-contact rule - it likely will result in further heartbreak, even though it gives you something to look forward to today.  

3. Radio Silence Or Permanent No-Contact Rule

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Lastly, there's radio silence or the permanent no-contact rule. 

Radio silence, or the permanent no-contact rule, is for those who've been through the darkest valleys of abuse or toxic relations, enduring pain that cuts deeper than words can express. 

For this rule, you cut off all contact with your ex, no matter what. And ignore all attempts your ex makes to communicate with you.  

Radio silence, or permanent no-contact, is about drawing a firm line in the sand, saying, "Enough is enough," and reclaiming your strength and dignity. 

It's a choice that prioritizes your well-being and emotional safety - above everything else.

Which Rule Is Best?

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So, given these three rule types, which do we recommend? We lean heavily toward the indefinite no-contact rule. 

Why? Because we don't believe there is a correct time to reach out to your ex, ever. You can't convince your ex to change their mind about you, and you risk rejection everytime you try.  

So instead, you wait in no-contact for your ex to realize how much they miss and need you - and then for your ex to approach you! 

You see - if you continue to contact your ex and face rejection, you'll end up prolonging your recovery and risking damage to your mental health. 

Each rejection becomes a fresh wound, preventing your heart from healing.

However, if you wait for your ex to contact you, and it's a genuine approach, you can be more sure that your ex is looking to mend or rekindle things with you, making it safer for you to open communication without further rejection.  

So, these reasons are why the indefinite no-contact rule is preferable. 

Having said that, if you're facing abuse and the perils of a toxic relationship and don't want your ex to return. Then radio silence or the permanent no-contact rule is the absolute correct choice. 

When Should You Initiate No-Contact?

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Now, when should you initiate the no-contact rule. 

You must enter no-contact as soon as possible after the breakup. 

After entering no-contact, you will immediately avoid the common breakup mistakes such as begging or pleading, which can further exacerbate the pain and slow your healing process.

It is also never too late to enter no-contact. If you're communicating with your ex now, and it's a rollercoaster of emotions, start no-contact right now!

You don't need to announce it to your ex. Just pull away and go silent, stopping all communication.  

The Basic Rules Of No-Contact

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But remember, dear friends, no-contact means no-contact. 

It means absolutely no contact with your ex, directly or indirectly. And no snooping on social media or questioning mutual friends either. 

You don't need to block your ex, but it is preferable to mute them so you are not disturbed or tempted to open up communication. 

And if necessary, be ready to cut ties with anyone or anything that reminds you of your ex. Your mental health and recovery needs to take precedent over these connections.

Breaking No-Contact

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No-contact also means never ever breaking the no-contact rule! You obviously cannot contact your ex or maintain a friendship or connection with them. 

Also, viewing your ex's social media is breaking the rule, as is asking a friend for an update or posting something innocuous on your social media with your ex in mind. 

The rules are strict because they are for your fast recovery! 

Because if you do break no-contact, it's a trip straight to rejection city, and you'll be back to square one with the process, losing all your progress to date. 

Be aware that your mind will try to convince you to break no-contact, but resist the temptation because it will do you no good. 

What To Do During No-Contact

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Yes, no-contact is not a walk in the park. It might be one of the hardest things you ever do. 

It's a time to focus on a new passion, the gym, travelling or a new hobby, and work on becoming the best version of yourself. It's a time to be kind and patient with yourself. 

Take comfort in knowing that no-contact is your friend, empowering and healing you, no matter what. 

What Is It Like Living Through No-Contact

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And with that in mind, here's a little insight into what you can expect during the process. 

With each passing day, you'll sense the weight of heartbreak slowly dissipating. Clarity will emerge, thoughts of your ex will fade, and you'll find yourself embracing the possibilities of a vibrant, new chapter.

And with every day you commit to this process, the scales tip a little more in your favor. While you forget about your ex, no-contact forces your ex to wonder about you and your unexpected absence

And that, my friends is good to know. 


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As we conclude our exploration of the no-contact rule, remember that your healing journey is unique and deserves the utmost care and attention. 

By staying committed to the chosen no-contact path and focusing on self-improvement, you're opening doors to a brighter, more fulfilling future. 

Trust the process, be patient with yourself, and remember each step you take leads you closer to a stronger, more resilient version of yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

Here are the questions most frequently asked by our readers. 

1. What is the no-contact rule, and why is it essential after a breakup?

The no-contact rule is a strategy used to create space and time for emotional healing after a breakup. It involves cutting off all communication with an ex-partner to facilitate personal growth and minimize emotional turmoil. 

It's an effective way to heal after a breakup, making it essential to your breakup recovery. 

2. How long should I maintain no contact after a breakup?

The duration of no contact varies depending on the situation. Most experts recommend the indefinite no-contact rule, which keeps you in no-contact until your ex approaches you. And even at that point you might decide not to break it. 

3. Will implementing the no-contact rule help in getting my ex back?

While the no-contact rule focuses on self-healing, it can sometimes create an opportunity for both individuals to gain perspective and potentially reevaluate the relationship. However, it's essential to prioritize personal growth over the goal of getting back together.

4. Can I break the no-contact rule to clear up misunderstandings?

It's crucial to understand that the no-contact rule provides emotional distance, and breaking it to resolve misunderstandings may disrupt the healing process. Consider seeking closure through self-reflection or with the help of a trusted friend or therapist.

5. How can I resist the urge to reach out during the no-contact period?

Distract yourself with positive activities, such as hobbies, spending time with friends and family, or focusing on personal and professional goals. Consider journaling your thoughts and feelings to process emotions in a healthy way.

6. What are the benefits of implementing the no-contact rule?

Implementing the no-contact rule allows for emotional healing, self-discovery, and personal growth. It provides an opportunity to reassess priorities, set boundaries, and focus on self-improvement, leading to greater emotional resilience and a healthier approach to future relationships.

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